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  • RCD-N7

SC-N7 Speaker System

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- Optional Speaker System to Match RCD-N7
- Matches the RCD-N7 Wi-Fi Streaming Network AM/FM/CD Player
- European tuned design for smooth, natural tona...

Compact And Stylish
The perfect match to the RCD-N7 Wi-Fi Streaming Network AM/FM/CD Player, the SC-N7 speaker system is both stylish and compact, and features a distinctive grille-less design that combines great aesthetics along with the highest audio clarity possible.

European Tuned Sound Quality
For optimum fidelity and natural tonal balance, the SC-N7 features European acoustic tuning, along with a smooth wideband response for optimum fidelity with wide range sources such as 24 bit/96 kHz FLAC music tracks.

120 mm Bass-mid Driver
For the best deep bass response along with a smooth, uncolored midrange, the SC-N7 features our exclusive D.D.L. (Denon Double Layer) cone technology. D.D.L ensures that during passages with extended deep bass content, the midrange is free from coloration caused by cone break-up, a common malady with ordinary single layer cone driver technology.

25 mm Soft Dome Tweeter
Treble frequencies are reproduced with detail, air and transparency, aided by the 25 mm driver’s extended response to 45 kHz, which provides optimum fidelity with wideband music tracks such as 24/96 FLAC.

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