Product updates & upgrades

Welcome to the Denon Canada Updates and Upgrades page. Here you will find various user updates or upgrades for many Denon products. Most updates have been designed so that you can update your equipment at home using an IBM compatible PC eliminating the need of removing it from your system and sending it back to Factory Service. Normally updates will be free of charge. In some cases updates to various models may require the unit to come back to our Factory Service and will be indicated if necessary, at only the cost for shipping it to us. For at home updates, the supplied instructions will guide you through the update process for your product.

We also offer upgrades for some products. These upgrades will add functionality to a unit beyond what it originally came with at an additional charge plus any applicable sales tax for the price indicated. Some upgrades will be able to be done at home using an IBM compatible PC, while others will require the unit to come back to our Factory Service center. It will be indicated if the unit will need to come back to us for upgrade or whether it will be able to be done at home. If it can be done at home, installation instructions will be included. If it must come into Factory Service for the upgrade, first please contact our Factory Service center at 905-475-4085 to make arrangements.

To check to see if an update or upgrade is available for your unit, select a model number, enter your serial number and mouse click the "Submit" link. Then follow the instructions on your screen. If there is an update or upgrade for your unit, you are just a few short steps away from seeing what is available.

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WARNING: These updates are for products released in Canada only.