Product Recycle

Denon Electronics is fully committed to the environment and the numerous efforts currently underway to recycle used electronics. Landfills are no longer an option for disposal in many areas and States are turning to manufacturers of the actual products to develop programs and solutions that are both better and cleaner for the environment, and which reclaim/reuse as much of the disposed materials as possible. We are making sure that our programs have a clear path to responsible recycling and do not lead to export to countries which would handle the materials improperly nor to landfill disposal within the United States.

E-waste is not only a hassle for landfills, it also contains toxic substances that are harmful to both people and the environment in which we live. In fact, there is already legislation in place to prevent the export of hazardous materials to foreign countries which have no way of safely and adequately disposing of it. These substances include but are not limited to lead, mercury, and arsenic. In addition, there are many types of metals than can easily be recycled thus saving valuable energy needed to create these metals from raw material processes.

Denon is doing its part to help through concerted efforts to reclaim and recycle scrap electronic waste in states where it is required to do so. The following states have implemented manufacturer programs. If you live in any of these states, please read below to obtain more information on how we can help you recycle your old equipment. You may also reach us at (855) 685-0347 to obtain more information.


Illinois and New York Residents

The state you reside in requires manufacturers to participate in a product take-back program at no cost or inconvenience to end consumers.

As of April 1, 2011 all residents of Illinois, New York State now have the option of recycling their used electronics for FREE. This also includes businesses with 49 or fewer employees and non-profits with 74 or fewer employees. As required in Section 27-2603.1(b) of the NYS Electronic Recycling and Reuse Act, Denon will accept all Denon brand covered electronics equipment and one piece of electronic waste of any manufacturer's brand with the purchase of a similar Denon DVD or Blu-Ray Player product.

Covered electronics must find their way into a proper recycling and reuse path with the help of the manufacturer. In the case of Denon Electronics, the law currently applies when you purchase a new DVD or Blu-Ray Player effective April 1, 2011. If you have an older player that you will be disposing of as a result (DVD, CD, VHS, or other) regardless of which brand it may be, Denon will assist you with the collection and recycling of such equipment at no charge to you.

The following methods are available to return your old products for recycling. Please check the box most convenient for you and click submit

The following methods are available to return your old products for recycling. Please check the box most convenient for you and click submit


Q : Is there any cost to me for shipping a product back for recycling?
A : No. Denon is covering the shipping costs for you.
Q : What can I do if I have questions or need further information?
A : You may call us directly at (855) 685-0347 and we will be glad to answer any questions for you.