With a spirit of innovation

We move people's hearts through music and images. And we deliver the passion of musicians and creators. We have continued to pursue this goal since our founding 110 years ago. On the one hand, we pursue innovations that change everything. We believe that there is a new excitement ahead. With the spirit of innovation, we move on to the future.

In 1910, Denon started as the first domestic phonograph manufacturer in Japan.
Since then, Denon has created products that combine the highest standards of sound quality and reliability to convey the passion and emotion of music and movies.
As we celebrate our 110th anniversary, we present four Limited Edition anniversary models that represent the very best of Denon today.
We are proud to bring to you our new, limited edition AV receiver, integrated amplifier, SACD player, and MC cartridge All manufactured at Denon's proud home factory, Shirakawa Audio Works in Shirakawa, Japan.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the people who have been with us and nurtured Denon over the past 110 years. Thank you for your passion that continues to drive us to continue defining audio excellency.

5 years warranty

We are pleased to offer a 5-year limited warranty on all 110-year anniversary models.
*Stylus not covered by 5 Years Limited Warraty

Ultimate Immersive Sound


AV Surround Receiver


A Combination of Subtle Beauty and Mighty Power


Integrated Amplifier


The Challenge of Extreme D/A Conversion Accuracy


SACD Player


Broadcast-quality MC cartridge


MC phono cartridge with premium silver-graphite headshell


In celebration of our 110th anniversary, we will publish a series of articles on Denon's history, sound philosophy, thoughts on manufacturing, landmark products and interviews with the people who make it all possible.