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Denon Hi-Fi Shines at CES 2019

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The Denon DP1300 MKII turntable (sold in Japan only) was flown in for CES 2019, giving event-goers a closer look at the brand’s global impact and putting its Hi-Fi legacy on full display.


Cutting-edge home theater is synonymous with Denon excellence, and typically why thousands of people choose to experience our products at tradeshows. At CEDIA 2018, for example, Denon products drove one of the industry’s first IMAX Enhanced demonstrations with the powerful, 13-channel AVR-X8500H, which proved itself the talk of the event. CES 2019 saw a shift toward its other strength — perfect music reproduction — with a focus on Hi-Fi gear, demonstrating its lasting legacy in fantastic-sounding two-channel listening products and reminding attendees why Denon has been at the forefront of the experience for more than a century.

Listening demos offered an array of recently-introduced gear, including the PMA-800 integrated amplifier, DCD-800 CD player and DNP-800NE network player, which attendees experienced using our D7200 Reference over-ear headphones. Attendees also experienced the PMA1600 integrated amplifier playing into D9200 reference over-ear headphones.

The neutral sonic signature was a consistent point of recognition from those who enjoyed the listening demonstrations. As analog sources continue their resurgence, and audio enthusiasts continue their search for the best-sounding analog components, we were happy to remind the people why the source direct signal path by Denon is so well-respected and sought-after worldwide.

While the U.S. only stocks 800 and 1600 series components, we also shipped in three special products sold only in Japan, the PMA2500 and PMA SX1 integrated amplifiers alongside the DP1300 MKII turntable. Despite lacking the ability to power on these units (a 100 volt stepdown circuitry proved too noisy for listening), those who stopped by our listening suite at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas saw and felt our top-of-the-line products and experienced how Denon DNA works through our most expensive models to our most accessible.

What else brought the excitement? Technics introduced the SL-1200MK7, the first new DJ-oriented turntable the company's made in nine years, and the SL-1500C with a built-in phono preamp. When perennials double down on classics, you know the industry is continuing to head somewhere fun and interesting. We were also excited to see Monoprice introduce a 16-channel Monolith HTP-1 16 Channel home theater processor alongside DIRAC. The home theater industry continues to improve with fantastic solutions for every type of customer.

Despite a quieter-than-usual Hi-Fi section at CES 2019, we were still happy to show audiophiles and enthusiasts alike what Denon has to offer. 2019 is setting up to become another game-changing year for Hi-Fi, and Denon alike. Look for new products, partnerships and other exciting news over the next several months as we look forward to continue serving you, the listener, the best sounding audio equipment for your home theater or two-channel listening setup.


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