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Get the Headphones you Need for Next-level Mobile Gaming

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More gamers are flocking to mobile platforms to get their fix these days. With a massive built-in install base numbering in the hundreds of millions — according to the Pew Research Center, more than three-quarters of Americans own a smartphone — mobile gaming has a distinct advantage over traditional console or PC markets.

So it's no wonder that mobile has become the new frontier of next-gen gaming, accounting for more than half of all revenue in the global gaming market. Although serious gamers have been generally hesitant to dip their toe into mobile waters, the tide is turning as industry heavyweights like Nintendo, Square-Enix and Capcom roll out new mobile apps with increased frequency.

As the mobile gaming industry matures and moves beyond simplistic fare like Angry Birds and Candy Crush, the line between mobile, console and PC will begin to blur. To capture the next generation of mobile gaming in all of its glory — including high-quality audio — you'll need a set of headphones that meet the demands of gaming on the go.

Next-gen mobile gaming has arrived

While your average smartphone won't be able to stack up against the most cutting-edge gaming PC, it can still produce the kinds of detailed 3D graphics and thrilling experiences we've come to expect from console and PC platforms.

Samsung's Galaxy S9, for instance, is equipped with the state-of-the-art processor, Snapdragon 845 — which is paired with equally powerful Adreno 630 GPU. What does that mean for mobile gamers? The ability to play more advanced, resource-intensive games like Fortnite and PUBG on the go.

In many ways, mobile devices are the perfect platforms for those kinds of MMOs: They offer Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless connectivity, support both quick and long play sessions and can serve up high-definition graphics with crystal-clear resolution.

The only thing that's missing from this equation is the audio, and that's where a pair of wireless gaming headphones comes into play.

Wireless gaming headphones provide next-gen audio

Whether you play on the train into work, in a coffee shop or while sitting on the couch, high-quality headphones are an absolute must to hear every sonic detail without annoying those around you.

The catch is that some smartphone companies have made it more difficult than ever to use traditional wired headphones with their devices. Leading mobile device manufacturers like Samsung and Apple have begun to phase out headphone jacks, leaving many gamers high and dry.

Wireless gaming headphones like the Denon AH-GC20 provide an answer to this gaming conundrum. The AH-GC20 connects to mobile devices using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Mode wireless technologies to serve up high-quality audio performance — no headphone jack necessary.

The AH-GC20 Bluetooth gaming headphone is perfect for gaming in noisy environments like the subway or metro bus, as its noise cancelation features eliminate 99 percent of the surrounding ambient sound. Nothing will distract you from hearing every audio nuance your favorite mobile games can muster.

With supremely cushy and soft memory foam earpads, the AH-GC20 comfortably rests upon your ears, allowing you to game for hours without a moment's discomfort.

The next generation of mobile gaming is here, and even the most hardcore PC and console gamers are taking notice. If you want high-quality audio to go along with the high-definition graphics, smooth frame rates and cutting-edge processing horsepower that the latest mobile platforms offer, you'll need a Bluetooth gaming headphone.

Be sure to check out all of Denon's industry-leading wireless headphones to find the right one for you.