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How to get the best bass out of your Denon Home speaker

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At the beginning of 2020, Denon launched three new wireless speakers called Denon Home 150, Denon Home 250, and Denon Home 350, which all feature HEOS Built-in. These speakers bring music to any room in your home, with total ease-of-use, access to almost unlimited music sources, and impressive acoustic performance, based on the company’s 110 years of sound innovation.

Bass is a question of taste

Like with food, wine or cars, tastes are different in music, and some people enjoy more bass than others. But be careful. Bass is very much dependent on the placement of a speaker in your room. The same speaker playing the same track can sound totally different in every room, not only because of the size and shape of the room, or what kind of furniture or other interior pieces are in there, but also due to where the speaker is placed. Very close positioning to a corner will make the bass bounce back immediately (and stronger), which some might like, while others consider it to be too boomy. When a speaker is far away from any wall, the bass might get lost and the sound may feel too thin.

How Denon Home achieves the perfect bass response

If you want to compensate for the characteristics of your room, the placement of your speaker, or if you want to adjust the bass to your own personal taste, Denon Home now has an easy way to make this happen: an automatic Bass Equalizer that adjusts the the speaker’s bass for room placement. Once you update the HEOS App, navigate to “Settings” → “My Devices” → “Denon Home” → “Placement”. From the “Placement” page, you will be given three options:

  • Freestanding
  • Near a one wall or on a shelf
  • In the corner

Selecting one of these options automatically adjusts the bass of the speaker to its placement in the room.




Even more convenient, you can adjust the bass response on the fly. Unlike typical Room EQ systems, you can compare the results of each of the three options live. Pick one of your favorite tracks and try all three placement options while the song is playing. And of course, this process will also be part of the overall setup whenever you add a new Denon Home speaker to your system.

Did you know that you can pre-select your favorite music sources for immediate playback, or skip forward and backward with the buttons on the top panel of the Denon Home speakers? Learn how to now

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